Saturday, July 21, 2012

In The Garage...

I originally posted this on my personal blog (, but thought it might be appropriate here:

I work every day in a fully equipped wood shop. We have fancy tools like an X/Y Mortiser and a 43” wide belt sander. I also have my own space with my table saw and a band saw and a big workbench to work on. I can go to either of these shops at any time, but for the last few weeks I have been spending every night until 1 or 1:30 in the morning in my garage working on my newest pieces.
It is hot in there (Really hot. Especially before I figured out it was a bad idea for Lucci to park in there when she got home; a car that has just been on the freeway is an incredible heater), there are a billion mosquitoes (In case you were curious, those bug bracelets do not work. One on each ankle and my legs look like i have smallpox), and it is a very awkward set-up.
I have a very young son, and he goes to bed at about 7:30, but he never falls asleep until at least 8:30, and if he is really into talking to himself it will be even later. I could give him his night-night bottle and read books with him then run off to a shop that has good lighting and all the clamps I could ever need, but I can’t do it. I feel so much better knowing I am only fifteen seconds away if there is a meltdown. There almost never is, and Lucci is home anyway, but I feel this magnetic pull.
All day at work I feel it, I want to ditch early and get him from day care and build castles out of blocks with him and help him try to fit inside them (he is not very clear on scale, yet). I feel so much better just being in proximity with him, and listening to him babble on the monitor, saying “mommy-daddy. nightnight. h-i-j- happy happy-o. boat? fun! boat? row row. baby ana woobee! baldie? night night.”
He thinks the benches I am working on are playhouses. He climbs on them and says “daddy playhouse. tools! mo tools?” He put screws in all the holes for the woven backs he could reach and was so proud of himself for helping.
I am so very tired. I haven’t missed this much sleep since he was 9 months old or so, but I am also so very happy. I am making my own things again, and I can do it close enough to run in and check that his air conditioner isn’t freezing him and to have a pudding pop with Lucci to cool down. It makes me so badly want a shop on the same property as my home and my house does look like it should have a carriage house…

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