What would happen if a group of furniture designers invaded your residential or commercial space and replaced all your belongings with furniture designed specifically for your site?

Guerilla By Design is an ambush style furniture exhibition trying to answer that question. An urban residential or commercial space will be re-imagined and re-furnished with furniture from Minneapolis designers.

The Guerilla Designers’ goal is to highlight the rich design culture present in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and prove great design doesn’t just happen in London, New York, and Milan. Guerilla Designers’ mission: Take furniture design out of the gallery and put it into the context of a living public space making it less intimidating, and accessible to everyone.

The Guerilla Designers:
-Live in Minneapolis / St. Paul
-Love Furniture
-Believe high design is for everyone

Guerilla By Design: An Ambush Style Furniture Exhibition
1720 Madison St. NE Minneapolis
Exhibition open to the public May 17-19 2013

Friday May 17 5-10 Saturday May 18 12-8pm
Sunday May 19 12-5pm

Stay tuned for blog posts from each of the designers involved as well as process photos, commentary and critique.