Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just a couple of process shots of but one of the pieces I will be making for the show. A bit of a learning curve for me as it features tapered sliding dovetails at all of the joint intersections to accommodate the nature of wood. All went well as you can see, due to those sliding dovetails the entire carcass holds itself together without the aid of glues or fasteners, and will be able to expand and contract with seasonal moisture changes (unlike the piece of junk you bought at that big box store that disintegrated cause your dog peed on it [true personal experience]).
I do these types of things in my furniture construction not only for the sport of it but because it serves a time tested purpose in furniture construction. It is my belief that contemporary design doesn't have to mean compromising craft. The beauty of modern tools however is that it need not be a slow, painstaking process of hand working everything as it once was. 

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